The Radio Show

Sadie-noir-800Sadie Silver
Sassy, savvy Sadie Silver. Sadie left the small town of her childhood
to pursue her career as a photojournalist. Success followed Sadie
wherever she went. Until she met Sam.




Sam-sepia-2-800Sam Silver
Sam Silver is an idea man. Sam keeps his brains under
his hat, where no one has ever seen them.
The Silver family has amassed
a great fortune. Sam has never seen any of it.



Sadie and Sam Silver star in the long-running (it’s about an hour per show, that’s long-running – I mean, if it were on television you’d get 22 minutes, tops, for a comedy – even stand-up comedians only do an average of 10 minutes these days) radio comedy The Silver Heirs.
When Sadie and Sam Silver inherit Sam’s uncle’s old homestead they find themselves in a town that runs on a schedule unlike the rest of the world.
In the rusted – uh – rustic town of Petunia, time hasn’t just stopped, it’s gone backwards.
The Silver Heirs is a new-fangled old-fashioned radio comedy. It’s modeled after the radio comedy shows from generations ago and is suitable for all generations.

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